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06.06.2024 – 12:36

MCM Klosterfrau Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

Cologne (ots)

Always a combination of tradition and innovation. The Klosterfrau Healthcare Group, which currently operates around the world with approximately 60 products, is best known for the lemon balm spirit of its founder, nun Maria Clementine Martin. Her work and the 13 herbs in lemon balm impressed internationally vibrant street artist Lilee Imperator to creatively design the exterior of Klosterfrau’s headquarters in Cologne. Now the work is presented to employees and the general public – upon the artist’s arrival. ‘About 200 years ago it was unthinkable that a lady, especially a nun, would discover a business. Lilee Imperator interprets this new spirit from that point and translates it directly into an existing tradition in a very specific way. With an easy hand and concise at the same time “It conveys the main thrust of our work: helping individuals, for sure,” described Dr. Stefan Koch, CEO of the Klosterfrau Group, who chose in favor of this gifted artist.

Work of art forms the city panorama

“It’s all about the right move,” says Lilee Imperator, summarizing her design strategy. The artist, originally from Austria and living in France, interprets the historical past of the Klosterfrau with sweeping lines and a fragile color separation of the same old, inexperienced and blue. Combining the company’s leading rules of customization and innovation in a rare way, Imperator has created an 80-meter mural that shapes the city panorama. Lilee Imperator’s work represents sensitivity, attention and the strengthening of non-public consciousness. Anyone who wants to see the new murals on Klingelpütz and Gereonsmühlengasse can experience for themselves the figurative legibility and beautiful flowers of their work in a public space.

Together on the way to the bicentennial anniversary

From today’s perspective, Maria Clementine Martin was “the founder” – so Klosterfrau was a novice at that time. Their mission: to help individuals with the therapeutic energy of crops. After almost 200 years, this entrepreneurial spirit for the good of the individual is still one of the many roots of the Klosterfrau Group. The international prospects of the Klosterfrau Group believe in the products and value their effectiveness and reliability.

Klosterfrau, just like Maria Clementine Martin at the time, places individuals at their heart. This consists of a common dialogue with potential customers, patients, trained employees in pharmacies and medical practices. As a traditional Cologne company, Klosterfrau is clearly committed to Germany as a business location and as an employer it looks after approximately 1,100 employees in this country, 450 of whom work at the Cologne headquarters alone – now they will take the historic and trendy highway. works of art on their own doorstep.

In addition to lemon balm spirit

Since its founding, the Klosterfrau Group has continued to spend money on new developments. The expansion of the portfolio by specializing in the factory is always focused on the wishes of the individuals. In addition to the nationally recognized Melissengeist, the Klosterfrau Group is active worldwide in the field of medical expertise, self-treatment, cosmetics and sweeteners. The company is always up to date and produces products for people in their daily lives, from sleep to colds and vitamins.

In total, the pharmaceutical company produces more than 200 products of about 60 types. Production in Germany fulfills a gigantic function: approximately 85% of all Klosterfrau merchandise and merchandise is produced in this country. Since the lemon balm event, Klosterfrau has focused on the therapeutic energy of nature. That is why sustainable movement is an essential part of the company’s DNA. The Klosterfrau Group is continuously increasing the share of renewable energy and is already using solar photovoltaics to generate electrical energy on production sites in Berlin and Lüchow.

Kloosterdame Avenue artwork mission profile:

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