Runaway Dress: Time is running out as London, Ont. woman hopes for a miracle on the wedding day

A nightmare has become reality for a bride-to-be in London, Ontario, after her wedding dress fell from a van and is now missing just days before her international wedding.

Lorena Pereira and Norman Louis have been together for 6.5 years and started traveling from London to Toronto Pearson Airport early Thursday morning in preparation for their weekend wedding in Lago Di Garda, Italy.

But when the couple arrived at the airport, the couple noticed that some of their luggage was missing, including a black carry-on bag containing Pereira’s wedding dress.

“This incident has left her desperate,” said Barbara Simas, a friend of Pereira. “The wedding is this Saturday (June 8, 2024).”

Simas told Global News that the dress had been sent to Robert Q London – a company that provides transportation services to and from Pearson Airport and Detroit Metro Airport to various locations in Southern Ontario – and would be delivered to Pereira and Louis when they arrived in Toronto. .

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However, Simas said the dress was “misplaced in a series of events.”

“The van wasn’t locked properly,” she said. “We suspect it’s more likely to be in London, but we don’t know for sure.”

In a statement to Global News, Helen Wieler, operations manager at Robert Q Airbus, confirmed that they were “immediately aware of this situation.”

“There was a door jam on the vehicle,” the statement continued. “This incident has been a top priority for our team since the initial report. We continue to actively search for the missing luggage.”

Simas said she, along with several members of the groom’s family, spent all of Thursday afternoon searching the streets of London.

“Lorena called me when they got to Toronto and said, ‘The luggage isn’t here. We think the door opened somewhere between Commissioners Road East and Wellington Road. Can you look for that?’ So we searched all the way but we didn’t find the luggage, she explained. “We hope that if anyone has seen anything, they will contact us.

“We just need the dress,” Simas added.

She said the dress was custom-made by VIVAZ, a company based in Brazil where Pereia is also from.

“The dress took months to make,” Simas told Global News. “She’s very upset, it was a great day.”

The carry-on bag containing Pereira’s wedding dress is described as black with New York City stickers and a luggage tag with the Canadian flag.

According to Simas, the car is believed to have traveled along Wharncliffe Road South before continuing onto Commissioners Road East, turning right onto Wellington Road and heading towards Highway 401 EB towards Toronto.

“The dress is all we care about right now,” Simas added. “We’re doing our best to find it and get it to her so she can have her moment.”

“I don’t want to point the finger at anything, we just want to find the dress.”

Anyone with information on the possible whereabouts of the dress is asked to contact Barbara Simas at 226-700-5748.