Fred Warner gets chippy, previews 49ers training camp competition – NBC Sports Bay Area & California

SANTA CLARA – Before the 49ers wrapped up summer minicamp, the players gave a preview of what the league will look like during training camp.

During Tuesday’s red zone drills, Fred Warner stood at the back of the end zone, and needless to say, things got a little messy. Every play where the offense struggled received commentary from the veteran linebacker.

“What happened was that whole beginning of the period, they probably went 0-5 to start the period,” Warner explained Wednesday. “Brock (Purdy) couldn’t complete a pass, I’m yapping from the back, the tight ends hear it of course.”

Warner is known for getting under the skin of the offense with his boisterous ways, even as a casual spectator, as he was Tuesday morning. But eventually Purdy got going and it was the offense’s turn to even the score with the very vocal linebacker.

“Kudos to them, they played about three times in a row,” Warner said. “Tight points catching the balls in the end zone, and you know, they wanted to throw the ball to old Freddy. Just all fun. I like the competitive atmosphere. That’s what we’re all trying to get out of it.”

Warner laughed as he detailed the event, and when it came to describing the speed the footballs had as they sailed toward him, the All-Pro said the offensive players could actually have been a lot more aggressive if they wanted to.

Typically, the competition at minicamp is at a less intense level than at training camp, mainly because players do not wear pads and contact is not allowed. You can only imagine what it will be like once the pads are applied and tackling is allowed.

We’ll know in 40 days.

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