Motorcycle crash into parked truck kills two people in Ang Thong

Image courtesy of Khaosod

A tragic accident resulted in the death of a young couple when their motorcycle collided with the back of a parked truck in Ang Thong. The truck had run out of fuel and the driver had left to buy more when the incident occurred.

At 5.30pm yesterday, police from Ang Thong City Police Station were alerted to the fatal accident on the inbound Asia Highway near a brick factory in Talad Kruad sub-district, Ang Thong province.

The collision involved a Honda motorcycle and a six-wheeler truck. The motorcycle was found badly damaged and wedged in the back of the truck, while the bodies of the 19-year-old male driver and 18-year-old female passenger were still trapped in the wreckage.

Witnesses reported that the truck driver, 36-year-old Ampol, had been transporting an excavator to Bang Khae. He stated that his truck was out of fuel, prompting him to pull over to the side of the road and walk to a nearby location to purchase more fuel.

Upon his return, he was shocked to discover that a motorcycle had crashed into the back of his truck, killing both the male driver and female passenger.

Thai authorities rushed to the scene, including medical staff from Ang Thong Hospital, highway police officers and members of the Ang Thong Rescue Association.

The bodies were taken to hospital for further examination. Once the necessary legal procedures are completed, the families can collect the bodies to perform religious rituals.

The police have started an investigation to determine the exact cause of the accident. It is being investigated whether the parked truck was sufficiently visible to oncoming traffic and whether other factors contributed to the accident.

In addition, they will review the statements of Ampol and other potential witnesses, Khaosod reported.

Tragic accidents such as these underline the importance of road safety measures and the need for drivers to ensure their vehicles are visible when parked on the roadside. The incident serves as a sobering reminder of the potential dangers on the road and the need for vigilance, both for those driving and those who may need to park due to unforeseen circumstances.

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