Doctor’s ‘Zero Waste Wedding’ Video Goes Viral: Sugarcane Decorations, Food Served on Banana Leaves | Popular

Indian weddings, famous for their grandeur, have a hidden enemy: waste. Whether it concerns the decoration of the wedding location or the plates on which the food is served. To combat these problems during her marriage, a doctor came up with some unusual ways, and people were impressed. The bride shared how, on her mother’s advice, she made certain changes during her wedding that helped her minimize her carbon footprint.

The image shows a glimpse of a doctor’s ‘Zero Waste Wedding’. (Instagram/@herbeshwar)

“I don’t know if experts would consider this a zero waste wedding, but we generated no plastic at the event and have done everything we can to minimize our footprint. It was only with the cooperation of our families that my dream of a zero waste wedding was possible,” wrote Dr Poorvi Bhat.

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“My mother was the genius behind it all, she planned and organized the whole event and it gave me great satisfaction that our union turned out the way it did,” she added.

What did the bride do?

In the video shared, the bride explains that they used sugarcane to make the mandap, which was later dismantled and fed to the cows. They also served food on banana leaves instead of single-use utensils and used steel cutlery.

Look what else the bride did:

The video was posted three days ago. Since then, the clip has been viewed nearly 7.6 million times, and that number is growing rapidly. The stock has further garnered numerous responses from people.

What did Instagram users say about this viral video?

“This is how Indian weddings were supposed to be culturally,” one Instagram user posted.

“This is exactly how I want mine to be. You are an icon,” praised another.

“As a wedding filmmaker, I witnessed people wasting so much edible rice, ghee and everything in the name of rituals. Whenever I discuss this with my colleagues, they say things like, “their money and they’re wasting it.” What do you care?’ I was talking about the waste of food, not who bought it or who owns it! Waste is waste! I’m so happy to see this message, thank you guys for showing that it can be done this way!” joined a third.

“So beautiful and such a powerful message. More power to you, this is what cultural (or other) celebrations should look like. Meaningful and mindful. Rituals for various devatas without honoring bhudevi have always seemed incomplete to me. Thank you for leading by example, and I hope many more people see this and continue living and partying with little waste!” wrote a fourth.

What do you think of this bride’s efforts to create a ‘zero waste wedding’? Were you impressed by her gesture?

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