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The House of Representatives has instructed its Communications Committee to investigate the activities of private internet providers in Nigeria.

The move for the investigation follows the passage of a motion of urgent public interest moved by the member representing Yagba East/Yagba West/Mopamuro Federal Constituency, Kogi State, Leke Abejide of the African Democratic Congress (ADC), during the plenary meeting on Thursday.

Abejide said many internet service providers in Nigeria have managed to avoid responsibility for their widespread inefficiency, weak and inferior services.

He stated that consumers are forced to continually pay for inadequate services due to the apparent lack of regulations governing their prices and services, leading to exploitation.

The lawmaker explained that frequent service outages, slow speeds and inconsistent connectivity are widespread problems that consumers face on a daily basis, adding that in this digital age, an efficient internet connection is a necessity and not a luxury.

“The House is concerned that consumers are sometimes experiencing service interruptions totaling more than two weeks in a single month at some ISPs, with no mechanism for refunding subscription fees, perpetuating a disregard for consumer rights and leading to exploitation” , he said. .

“The House is also concerned that Legend, an ISP operating in Abuja, is charging its subscribers a flat monthly prepaid rate despite knowing that its services are frequently interrupted.

“This company (Legend) offers various rates, the highest of which is about N483,000 per month, but rarely provides uninterrupted service even for half of the month.

“The House is further concerned that Legend is deliberately providing reliable internet service for only a few days prior to monthly billing, misleading customers into renewing subscriptions under the false impression of satisfactory performance before immediately returning to persistently inadequate service levels.

“This is an unethical business model of consumer exploitation that requires accountability to regulators.”

With the adoption of the motion, the House of Representatives has instructed its Communications Committee to investigate the activities of ISPs and report back to the House within two weeks.