Agri-export: NLC truck with cherries reaches China – Business and financial

In a major initiative to boost agricultural exports to regional countries, the National Logistics Corporation (NLC) has started transporting cherries to China, a press release said. By using specialized refrigerated containers, NLC guarantees the freshness of the cherries during the entire transport.

NLC’s first truck carrying 6 tonnes of cherries has successfully reached China via Khunjerab Pass, while another truck will leave from Gilgit-Baltistan next week.

“Notably, NLC has been instrumental in assisting its local partner in setting up a processing plant that meets international standards,” the press release said.

“This facility complies with global quarantine standards and is fully equipped to process, sort and pack high-quality cherries.

“After the successful delivery of the first shipment, NLC plans to regularly transport cherries to several Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Huizhou. By using these specialized refrigerated containers, NLC aims to empower orchard owners in Gilgit-Baltistan enabling them to capture a significant share of the lucrative Chinese market. This initiative will not only improve the socio-economic conditions of local farmers but also help earn valuable foreign exchange for Pakistan.”