Itele’s recently released film ‘Kesari’ is receiving criticism after a disappointed fan sends a voice message

Itele, the Nollywood actor and producer, has been criticized by fans over his recent movie ‘Kesari, The King’ which premiered on Netflix.

“How working with Funke Akindele and Femi Adebayo shaped me” – Actor Itele will be the next Box office King

Despite negative feedback from viewers on social media, the epic film has managed to take the top spot among other films on the streaming platform.

One upset fan went so far as to send a voice message to Itele via Instagram, expressing his dissatisfaction with the film’s production quality.

The fan suggested in Yoruba that the movie should not be on Netflix but should instead be watched on a DVD player.

The voice message quickly spread online, prompting more viewers to share their disappointment with the film and say they regretted spending money to watch it in theaters and on Netflix.

@ree_rehanat These people are not nice but maybe he should have left the kesari the way it ended earlier.

@Isossy When I watched 1 and 2 I just hissed, I was surprised when they did another one and uploaded it on Netflix anyway, they just showed it on AMC Yoruba, one DStv, let everyone rest

@dipnap_jennifer: “The storyline is so confusing, everyone is trying to make an epic movie with storylines that have no direction. I didn’t finish the movie because it was just shocking.”

@beyondstylee_collection: “I couldn’t finish the movie, the confusion hit me, I didn’t understand where the movie was going but my thoughts.”

@mees_rammyy: “The move made sense, but he beat up his father and suddenly the same people who were killed became police officers.”

@_unusualqueen: “It makes sense by the end.”

@kingofkingz1141: “The movie made me dumber, since then I have been reading inspiring books.

@fineboytunde_ Not gonna lie, yeah, I had an exact reaction when I watched it in theaters last year, I just hissed: waste of money. The movie is too gbaaaaa

@KingSuleiman7_ Every time I remember seeing this movie, she caught me… I can’t believe they continued to produce this movie with a clear head. What were they thinking?