Prince William steps down as usher for Grosvenor’s high-society wedding

Prince William took a day off from royal duties on Friday to serve as an usher at the high-profile wedding of his friend Hugh Grosvenor, the Duke of Westminster.

Grosvenor, 33, one of Britain’s richest landowners, married Olivia Henson, 31, in what was billed as a high-society event of the year. The ceremony was held at Chester Cathedral, in northwest England, near Grosvenor’s sprawling Eaton Hall estate, where the private reception took place.

Spectators gathered to catch a glimpse of the arrivals. Grosvenor, dressed in a morning suit, and Henson, in a white wedding dress by designer Emma Victoria Payne, caught everyone’s attention. Grosvenor is also the godfather of Prince George, William’s eldest son.

Absent from the ceremony were Kate, who is undergoing treatment for cancer, and William’s younger brother, Prince Harry, who now lives in California. Grosvenor inherited his title at the age of 25 following the death of his father in 2016. His ancestor, Sir Thomas Grosvenor, secured what is now one of London’s most prosperous areas through marriage in 1677. Today the family owns properties around the world, with the Duke’s wealth estimated at more than £10 billion.

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